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100% custom laser marking

The kit is mounted on the Niko Stirling Diamond optic.

The Revolution 3D 160 wheel has numerical references near the buttonhole. The buttonholes ensure a rotation of the wheel depending on the temperature change and the consequent alteration of the optical estimation parameters. The engraved numerical references enhance the precision of the wheel's movement.

The conical turret. The decision was made not to provide the original references in MOA, but instead, all the clicks that make up a complete rotation: 72 clicks. On the turret's head, there are references to MOA and indicators for reticle adjustment.


Double color 

The kit is mounted on the Falcon X50 optic. The conical turret features laser markings of the original clicks: 80 MOA.


The green color highlights the shapes and craftsmanship of both the wheel and the turret, creating a contrast between the two anodized colorations.


Bright and clean

The kit is mounted on the Leupold Competition optic. The blue color is intense and varies in brightness depending on the light hitting the surface.


The conical turret is free from any engravings, allowing for manual reference insertion based on the user's preference. The contrast with the black anodized color makes this kit incredibly beautiful.


100% magnetic power

The kit is mounted on the Sightron SIII optic. The turret is magnetic, featuring the FZS (Fast Zero System) that allows zeroing the references through magnetic connection and an internal grid system that precisely replicates the original optic's number of clicks.


The powder grey color is matched with shiny aluminum inserts.

revo 3D laser-04.jpg

Diameter references 

The wheel is mounted on the S&B II optic.

The laser marking on the outer diameter of the Revolution 3D 160 is customized, with references engraved according to the shooter's needs.

SE-due versioni1.jpg

Custom laser cutting

The SE wheel is made with laser-cut layers of polycarbonate.


This allows customization of the diameter and overall design of the wheel, adapting it to various optics


Custom laser cutting

The wheels are mounted on Hawke Sidewinder 2014 and Nikko Nighteater scopes.


A completely customized wheel starting from a paper sketch!

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